I wish i may I wish i might...This month brought the completion of the High heel sock, designed in tandem by Nini Zogbaum, the knitting genius behind the project and myself. the idea was a pair of socks that could be worn with high heels that would bring interest to any outfit and voila these beauties were created



This month my husband and i visited his family in the south of France. the cheese and wine was a plenty and we did not hesitate to indulge. my favorite was the soft goat cheese.



The countryside in France was stunning. Vineyards as far as the eye could see emitting anticipation for the new growth of grapes and of course the harvest. i was in love with the huge bushes of rosemary and lavender.



i found vintage levi's!!! yes, i was mega excited. the night before we went to the market i told my husband...there will be vintage levi 501's there. the next day as we made our way through the stalls it was looking grim, cheap underwear and t shirts a plenty i was ready to bail, but inigo urged we walk back down the other side and low and behold we came upon a 40 foot table of vintage levi's in every size and color. HEAVEN. i sorted out a stack to try and climbed into the back of an old white van with a plywood floor and tried them on. I got 4 pairs and walked away from the market satisfied.