Found January



This month brought the completion of my favorite fashion project to date. It started with 6 skeins of yarn, knitting needles, and two women, myself and my dear aunt Nini Zogbaum. Together we created a prototype sweater from the depths of our minds. This sweater organically came about and is now the lovechild of an avid knitter and an avid fashion author. 



Fresh berries and heavy cream is my dessert of choice this month



For the first time in 10 years I am witnessing the changing of seasons (I have lived in a tropical climate for the past 10 years). February is showing me growth is inevitable, despite the challenges that attempt to halt growth it is part of nature.



I thought living in a small town would be torture as far as finding inspired fashion pieces to add to my curated closet but it has been more rewarding than I imagined when i actually do find the odd piece in a thrift store, hardware store, or utility clothing store. This is a wool and suede blazer i found at goodwill.