Found February


this month I knitted a hat from a flec yarn on size ten needles. I did a traditional fisherman knit giving it cozy squoosh.  it is the perfect yarn as it's base is a neutral cream color with happy flecs of orange, fuscia, and indigo. 



Pho, tons and tons of pho. In the dead of winter my body craves rich bone broth but instead of eating stew my body does better with some fresh greens and vegetables. this is why pho is the perfect winter food for me. it is loaded with nutrients and minerals from the broth but has live enzymes from the fresh vegetables that i throw on at the end to barely steam. spice is warming and aids in digestion so chili sauce and lime on top take it to the next level



the quiet healing space that a blanket of snow brings is unique. taking a walk through the snow has given me space and time for listening to podcasts as well as exercise. it gets my blood pumping while being in a state of appreciation for natures beauty and allows my mind to be in a meditative state that sets me up to handle the daily unexpected. i am also an avid photographer and the photo inspiration is an endless opportunity for creation.




this coat was gifted to me when i spotted it in someones attic and complimented it. it is the warmest coat i have ever owned and am happy to have it in my winter collection.